A comparison of jesus christ and socrates

Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a village in Palestine which was under Roman domination with Herod the Great as its puppet leader. Right now I just wanted to share the following thought. Jesus was also betrayed by Judas, one of his disciples.

On the contrary, Athens only continued to diminish in international significance, and Jerusalem was soon embroiled in a series of debilitating wars with its Roman rulers. His disciples could not do anything for Jesus wanted them just to pray and continue to spread His Gospel.

Most information, however, comes from the philosopher Plato, also a pupil, whose writings are in the form of dialogues in which Socrates asks questions. His ministry cannot be traced in detail since the accounts differ.

On the contrary, we need figures like Socrates and Jesus and much lesser ones perhaps to plot our own individual life trajectories. Since neither Socrates nor Jesus committed their own stories to paper, we are forced to rely on the later writings of their intellectual handlers, most notably Plato and St Paul, who clearly had ideas of their own.

Pilate, wishing to avoid trouble with the religious leaders, condemned Jesus to be crucified. My heavy emphasis on the public relations side of Socrates and Jesus is meant not to diminish their significance, but to highlight the role that celebrity and spin have always played in providing meaning to our lives.

I have simply listed them as dot-points, so do with them what you will. In both cases a new literary A comparison of jesus christ and socrates was created: In this respect, both Socrates and Jesus have been greatly assisted by very diligent image capturers and promoters.

The Similarities Between Socrates and Jesus Christ

Socrates seems certain of a heaven, and even says a prayer to the gods after drinking the poison: Jesus spent most of his time in Galilee, especially in Capernaum and around the Sea of Galilee. According to tradition Socrates was the son of a stonecutter, and as a young man decided to spend his life seeking wisdom.

At his death in a prison cell in Athens in BC, Socrates was seventy years old. This has been done before indeed, some of the early Church fathers considered Socrates a pre-Christian saint, whatever that may meanbut it does bother me.

Comparing Socrates and Jesus Essay

The Socratic dictum was the same found at the entrance of the oracle at Delphi: Most scholars, however, believe that Herod died in 4 B. I had once hoped to discuss them more meaningfully, but can see that I will not have an opportunity given my balance of interests to do that for at least twenty years.

Rather, Socrates and Jesus are remarkable in being very much creatures of our own times. Put another way, neither Plato nor St Paul was overburdened by messy memories of a less-than-magnanimous Socrates or Jesus that may have compromised their ability to portray him in the most sympathetic light.

Mark as much as John has a theological agenda; and Xenophon is really creating a Socrates in his own image and one a mere dispenser of homely advice whose execution makes no sense The accounts of the last days of Jesus and Socrates are remarkably alike: Figures like Socrates and Jesus are needed to give those events a depth and direction, insofar as we take them to have lived through experiences sufficiently similar to our own, especially ones that initially appear negative but subsequently turn out to have produced much good.

At his death on a cross on a hill on the outskirts of Jerusalem in 30 AD, Jesus was thirty-three years old. The Christian Calendar devised in the sixth century, places the Nativity in the year 1 A. True, the two teachers do share some though by no means all their ethical precepts. To be compared to either, however flattering, has been often dangerous and almost always embarrassing.

This time it is from a decontextualized comparison between Jesus and Socrates.

Socrates vs Jesus

In contrast to the Sophists, who taught by example and especially valued the power of words to establish meaning only. The work of Jesus as a prophet, teacher, and healer is called his ministry. He rejected three temptations. Moreover, both attracted attention simply for the way they ordinarily moved around the world.

In both cases it is sometimes said the historical figure is irrecoverable It is tempting in both cases to contrast a straightforward account cf Mark and Xenophon with a meditation tending towards mysticism cf Plato and John But in both cases this model quickly breaks down: Socrates believed that if a person knew what was good, he would do good.

Jesus was crucified at the sixth hour noonand died at the ninth hour.Socrates. noticeable comparison between Jesus Christ and Socrates was that the charges against them. They were both seen as an “evil” influence to the townspeople because of their different ways to see life and for their beliefs on religion.

Jul 15,  · There are four that stand out for me: (1) Neither Jesus nor Socrates left any writings. What we know about them came from the writings of others. (2) A striking difference is that the main writings about Socrates were by a student of his, Plato, but the main writings about Jesus were hearsay accounts written long after Jesus’ death.

noticeable comparison between Jesus Christ and Socrates was that the charges against them. They were both seen as an “evil” influence to the townspeople because of their different ways to see life and for their beliefs on religion.

Socrates, a Greek Philosopher, believed in virtue, that there was right way fro men to act - Comparing Socrates and Jesus introduction.

He spent his life seeking knowledge of what is right, as determined by means of dialogue (conversation between two or more persons), which he engaged in for the purpose arriving at a truth. Two of them are Socrates, who had introduced the method of hypothesis for scientific methods nowadays and; Jesus Christ, the well known prophet who had spread the words of God on the Catholic and Christian practices Socrates had been a student of the famous philosopher Plato.

This time it is from a decontextualized comparison between Jesus and Socrates. I have only extracted those elements that relate most directly to Jesus as found in the Gospels themselves, and left behind those that relate to a more generic image of Jesus that embraces the descriptions of various Church Fathers and the apostle Paul.

A comparison of jesus christ and socrates
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