Airside driver trainer summary specification

Analysis of the data revealed that such incursions may be the result of four primary root causes: The main causes of vehicle runway incursions from a total of incidents over the period have been categorised.

Proper implementation of technology and enhanced training programmes may be found to reduce these vehicle incursions and thus lead to improved airfield operational safety. Runway incursions remain a significant safety risk to aviation, and the number of reports is rising.

Janes Airport Review Article: The working group believes the use of this new technology provides the key to a robust training and assessment programme as well as providing an engaging and interactive training session for the participants.

In an effort to contribute to the identification and mitigation of safety risks on civil use airfields, this paper investigates the occurrence and probable causes of airfield incursions caused specifically by ground vehicle operations.

Clients may wish to host a course at their venue. Micro Nav is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites. What conclusion can we draw here? For example, reference is made in the structured training programmes to the use of technology for the delivery of training and assessment of the candidates.

Less risk, less incidents, more profit and productivity. Where this is the case, RGF would require other clients to be able to attend unless the client books all 5 seats. If this is the case, you will be given address details for staff to attend. Temporary passes must be in the possession of the delegates prior to the start of the course.

This action would establish minimum standards for training of personnel who access the airport non-movement area ramp and apron to help prevent accidents and incidents in that area.

Unit of competency details

Vehicle Runway Incursions in the UK Records for vehicle runway incursions in the UK between show a rise from a low in of 40 incidents annually to a marked increase in recent years.

We will contact you once approval has been given to confirm the course can be attended and arrange suitable dates.

Journal of Airport Management Article: Please register vehicles on arrival to ensure parking is at no charge. External Website of Interest AirDAT is a unique web-based administration system with a focus on improving airside operating standards and safety, whilst decreasing admin costs and the amount of time required to manage and audit training systems.

Book Medical Assessment Airside Driver Training can be carried out whilst on a temporary pass, however, the permit can not be issued until a Full ID Pass is held by the delegate.

Simulator Training for Airport Drivers

Hosting and venues Where a client has sufficient numbers of staff to train, we can bring our instructor to your offices near each airport to carry out the training. By instructing and assessing at the site, we take into account the unique surroundings and help you eliminate the risks.

The airport ID Centre will be informed and will immediately cancel the permit. Such operations were found to be responsible for nearly 20 per cent of all reported airfield incursions at airports within the USA.

The course take three parts: Free parking and refreshments are provided. An analysis of the causes of airfield incursions attributed to ground vehicles Journal of Airport Management, April-JuneVol. From the reports that have been received, it is shown that there are at least two runway incursions every day in the European region, and accidents continue to take place on runways.

International Airport Review Article: Copy of their Driving Licence — UK and European Licences are acceptable Copy of the current driver medical — less than 3 months old on the day of training A current Airside Driving Permit, if this is applicable Hi Vis jacket Please be aware that you will not be allowed to take part on the day if these items are not presented to our instructor on arrival.

Airside Driver Training

As a result of these findings, the authors suggest the targeted implementation of both improved training programmes and enhanced technologies to improve overall situational awareness while operating ground vehicles on an airfield.

If evidence for this is required, we need only look to the statistics relating to runway incursions.Airside Driver Training. Heathrow.

Maximum Capacity per course – 5 delegates. Training duration – up to 5 hours. £ Per Person. RGF Training reserve the right to withdraw an Airside Driving Permit should this not be received within one week of the Airside Driving Course being completed.

This unit involves the skills and knowledge required to drive on the airside while meeting all relevant licence and aerodrome access requirements. Licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements are applicable to this unit. AAGSC RECOMMENDED INDUSTRY PRACTICE AIRSIDE DRIVER TRAINING AAGSC: RIP No.

15 Issue 3 Issued: 24 November promote the importance of airside driver education in the context of aviation ground safety. Summary This final section can be used to remind drivers of the key. EGKA Airside Driving Manual Rev 2 P a g e | 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 2 Definitions 5 8, Airside Vehicles 3 1, Introduction 5 9, Airside Access This effectively includes the operation of vehicles in airside areas and driver standards.

The objective of these requirements is to minimise the risk of that meets the specification set out. Airside Driver’s Permit (ADP) – The license issued by the airport to an adequately trained and qualified person authorized to operate a ground vehicle at the airside within the security perimeter of the Airport.

Simulator training for airSide driverS The Airside Driver Trainer (ADT) simulator provides a safe, versatile, and dynamic ‘hands-on’ learning .

Airside driver trainer summary specification
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