An argument against internet restrictions

The child will have been taught not to share any personal information and use proper privacy settings. There is a high chance that a child will come in contact with these inappropriate behaviors in real life, not just the internet.

By providing a certain degree of censorship, the government can protect the intellectual property rights of their companies against those both locally and abroad that would steal it.

Those listed above represent just the tip of the iceberg however. This weapon can even pop balloons! The last section will simply be a conclusion to summarize the essay.

With the exception of a rare few classic albums Thriller includedthat one song you liked would turn out to be the only good one on the entire LP. Welcome to the cultures of and V for Vandetta.

Of course if aimed at the eye it may cause some damage like a BB gun would. Giving the government unnecessary power may actually be dangerous to freedom in the U. They never harm people and simply use them as demonstration.

However, my response is that you cannot assume that all children will have been taught perfect time management skills, how to use moderation, and how to avoid sharing too much personal information by age S also wants to put restriction on the internet because they fear the danger the internet could bring.

If the government suddenly have power over the private business like Facebook, who knows what they can do to business all over America. This restriction can cause problems for people who makes money creating them but only use them for show. Your liberties may be threatened, and the best thing you can do is to become a part of the process responsible for securing them.

Finally, When I say "unlimited", I mean unlimited access to the internet while they are using a computer or other internet-enabled device. What people forget is that these dangers are not something that requires a major governmental restriction to prevent.

In addition, they may even lose their right to privacy, as a censored Internet also means and increased chance of being tracked by whomever is controlling the Internet. The Internet is a confluence of ideas, opinions, innovation, technologies, and logic. These are not just "children" who are still in elementary school.

It is much better to teach a child to be wary of strangers and maybe even educate them on possible actions some of these strangers may take to try to harm them.

Internet Censorship Pros and Cons

The government does not currently filter the use of other communications systems within Australia. Age 14 is when most students enter high school, when the workload increases to the point where they are forced to learn good time management called a "teachable moment". And please keep in mind that these are teenagers who are expected to be mature.

My opponent claims the internet increases maturity level. At most it will probably give a person a little burn. That being said, I understand different teenagers might function in different ways, and that the internet might not help them as it did with me.

These days, I enjoy much but not all freedom that my heterosexual friends enjoy. This ruling may not directly relate to weapons and guns but based on this and the idea of precedent in America, it can safely be assumed that since the availability and information of guns on the internet do not directly cause crime, it is supported under the First Amendment.

When it is censored and controlled, there is an attempt to shape what the person thinks by limiting their access to certain information.

Since the major focus of this essay is in the U.There should be federal restrictions for content on the Internet The government should have the harshest penalties possible in place for those caught possessing or distributing these things.

These things do not fall under freedom of speech or any other such thought process and should be considered crimes against humanity. Unit 3 Essay: A Defense against Governmental Restrictions on the Internet Restrictions on the Internet: A Defense against Governmental Restriction In America, the internet is considered to be the place where there is most freedom.

An argument against internet censorship. By Preston de Guise | /04/ This is a fallacious argument that assumes what is currently illegal will always remain illegal, and attempts to force all humans in Australia to forevermore remain locked into current moral standards.

An argument against internet censorship

As a gay man, I very much appreciate the risks inherent with this. The Case for (and Against) Internet as a Human Right Vint Cerf is ruffling nerds' feathers with his Thursday op-ed in The New York Times that claims in almost trollish fashion: " Internet Is Not a.

Teenagers Should Have Unlimited Access to Computers and The Internet. However, he has yet to prove in this round that his parents placed absolutely no restrictions on his internet use.

Unit 3 Essay: A Defense against Governmental Restrictions on the Internet

Even if my opponent could prove this, his argument is still a logical fallacy: generalizing from too small a sample size. I obviously don't agree that. Debate 3-Argument Against the Resolution. From Internet, Law & Politics Jump to: navigation, Argument of â free internetâ to prevent further distributional disparity smacks of wink-and-nod acceptance of piracy and market dominance to slowly encourage the leaders of countries A through Z to loosen internet based restrictions.

An argument against internet restrictions
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