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The mutual love of Christians, their kindly words and deeds, check the work of sin; their prayers, their intercessions, call down the forgiveness of God. The existence of charity is taken for granted. Read and translate, with the Revised Version, for love covereth a multitude of sins.

The words are usually said to be a quotation from Proverbs Matthew Henry Commentary 4: And the speedy approach of death and judgment concerns all, to which these words naturally lead our minds. Love shown in forgiving others will win forgiveness for yourselves: The Alexandrian copy, and some others, and the Vulgate Latin, Syriac, and Arabic versions, read, "covereth", as in Proverbs We find them also in James 5: But he who has given up himself and his all to God, may say confidently that the Lord is his portion; and nothing but glory through Christ Jesus, is solid and lasting; that abideth for ever.

James, without any reference to the Old Testament passage. He is a miserable, unsettled wretch, who cleaves to himself, and forgets God; is only perplexed about his credit, and gain, and base ends, which are often broken, and which, when he attains, both he and they must shortly perish together.

Our approaching end, is a powerful argument to make us sober in all worldly matters, and earnest in religion.

Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary 8. Peter had the passage of St. Compare the conduct of Shem and Japheth to Noah Ge 9: Not but that charity, or love, is to be exercised towards all men, even towards enemies, but more especially towards the saints, and that under such a consideration in which it cannot be exercised towards others; namely, as their brethren in Christ, and as belonging to him, as the children of God, as redeemed by Christ, and sanctified by the Spirit; and these not only such as are of the same nation, and belong to the same particular church and community, or of the same denomination, but all the saints everywhere, whether Jews or Gentiles, or of whatsoever name, and in whatsoever state and condition: It is not, as Rome teaches, "covereth" his own sins; for then the Greek middle voice would be used; and Pr In the deepest sense, it is only the love of Christ energizing in his atoning work which can cover sin; but true charity, Christian love, flows from that holiest love.

So here it seems obvious that St.

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And in all the duties and services of life, we should aim at the glory of God as our chief end. Peter is directly quoting Proverbs If this sense be accepted here, it will imply that the Christians in Asia had a good deal to put up with from each other; but even so, the argument seems a little strained: But it may be that the words had become proverbial.

But before all things keeping intense your charity towards yourselves. But his words may well be understood as implying more than this.

There are so many things amiss in all, that unless love covers, excuses, and forgives in others, the mistakes and faults for which every one needs the forbearance of others, Satan will prevail to stir up divisions and discords.Now they've got yet another new song, this time for the romantic drama Endless Love.

"Don't Find Another Love" is a slightly drippy, romantic acoustic ballad about walking across the sea and. Lyrics to "Don't Find Another Love" song by Tegan And Sara: Won't you tell me what you want from me Don't you know I'd walk across the sea Just to be with you J.

Don't Find Another Love - Tegan And Sara | Bài hát: Dont Find Another Love - Tegan And Sara Wont you tell me what you want from me Dont you know that Id walk across the sea Just to be with you | Nghe nhạc hay online mới nhất chất lượng cao. Jul 14,  · woot more fun with my guitar. This video is unavailable.

Tegan and Sara - Don’t Find Another Love Lyrics

Watch Queue Queue. My first tab here, and a beautiful song. Here goes.:) Capo 1 Standard Tuning Chords: Em: 0 2 2 0 0 0 D: X X 0 2 3 2 D7: X X 0 2 1 2 G: 3 2 0 0 0 3 Am: X 0. Don't Find Another Love Lyrics: Won't you tell me what you want from me / Don't you know that I'd walk across the sea / Just to be with you / Just to see it through / You can find me on the extra.

Dont find another love cover
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