How to write a good novel pitch

Be confident, you are prepared. Hang onto the contact information for future reference. In addition to the fellowship, networking, and continuing education, conferences frequently offer a bonus: Pitch your book to everyone you meet.

In other words, think about the benefits you book will provide to readers. You should memorise your synopsis so you can recite it to a friend, or an agent.

This is your opportunity for a personal, albeit brief, meeting with an agent, editor, or other industry professional. Chuck says a pitch is basically your query letter memorized.

How to write a book proposal or pitch

Neatness counts when making first impressions. You will save time and money by learning sooner rather than later which consultant best suits your needs -- and vice versa. The whims of industry professionals are as fleeting as mercury.

When your excitement starts to run away with you, curb the anticipation with a bridle of reason, and hope for the best. Come on, we can do this.

Your host introduces you to a literary agent as an author. Conclude your session with thanks and a clear idea of what the consultant wants you to follow up with, if anything. Similarly, find out who the "popular" ones are and why.

It bears repeating that those allotted minutes fly by; you are entitled to every one of them. Anywhere an agent or publisher might devote a minute to you. Finally, add a few lines of biography: Take a couple of calming breaths before you go in, smile, and be yourself. Go with three or four paragraphs at the most.

How to Write a Winning Book Pitch

Include important points like advice, requests, referrals, and preferences. For more info see:Aspiring writers come to conferences from all over the country–and even the world–hoping to get in an elevator with an agent and to give their “elevator pitch.” They pay to go to “pitch slam” or “pitchapalooza” sessions where they have 3.

Writing is scary – but of all the scary things about it, perhaps the scariest is getting the concept right. The hard fact is: a lousy concept will kill your novel, no matter how good your actual writing is.

What’s In a Pitch? is a new series that takes actual novel pitches and examines why they work successfully. This series is designed to help writers who need help composing the pitch paragraph of their query letter, or pitching an agent in person. Want to build your visibility and sell more books?

Create Your Writer Platform shows you how to promote yourself and your books through social media, public speaking, article writing, branding, and more.

Creating an Irresistible Elevator Pitch

Order the book from WD at a discount. How to write a book proposal or pitch Knowing how to write a book pitch that entices interest is crucial for increasing your chances that your book is accepted for publication. Following some of the tips below, it is more than possible that your proposal will be taken seriously by an agent or publisher.

You simply describe your novel as a mix of two other well-known (and profitable!) books or movies. For example: "It's Twilight meets Harry Potter".

Of course, you'll have to explain what you mean by that in the rest of your pitch, but if it's an accurate description (and it better be) then you're off to a good start.

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How to write a good novel pitch
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