How to write a log book for a canteen

Any time a mistake is made, draw a single line through the error and then continue as though the error never happened.

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Step 5 Record any and all measured values to the maximum number of digits provided by the equipment. Canteens in organizations or factories are very important and have to follow certain rules. If the experiment is to be repeated, what should be done differently next time?

Starting your logbook

This will greatly enhance the speed with which mathematical errors can be tracked down and corrected. Waste water shall how to write a log book for a canteen carried away in suitable covered drains and shall not be allowed to accumulate so as to cause a nuisance. As per section 79 on canteens in the Maharashtra Factory Rules,1 The occupier of every factory wherein more than workers are ordinarily employed and which is specified by the State Government by a notification in this behalf shall provide, in or near the factory, an adequate canteen according to the standards prescribed in the Rules.

Gel pens and liquid ballpoints are prone to smudging. You will use your logbook when you prepare your final report. Provided that inside walls of the kitchen shall be lime-washed once every four months. Here is a sample entry into a student logbook. Include any discussion you have had, any telephone conversations, letters you have written and the resources that you have found related to your project.

Customers are either charged a flat rate for admission or pay at the check-out for each item. Things that go wrong should also be written in the logbook and any false starts or dead ends that you encounter.

In industrial and academic research settings, laboratory notebooks constitute legal documents; they are official records of who accomplished what and when it was accomplished. Using a permanent ink pen, number the pages in the top right corner. It is also a record of the type of activities you carried out during your investigation.

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Your teacher may ask to see your logbook as part of your ongoing assessment. According to this, 1 The State Government may make rules requiring that in any specified factory wherein more than workers are ordinarily employed, a canteen or canteens shall be provided and maintained by the occupier for the use of the workers.

Step 3 Begin the logbook by recording the date at the top of the page and writing a short description of the experiment to be undertaken, including the objective. As such, this information should be recorded in the past tense.

Your logbook is evidence that you have worked scientifically. Step 1 Obtain a suitable notebook to serve as the logbook. If you take any photographs or audio recordings write down in your logbook where and when these were gathered.

This means all the things you do when you plan your project as well as summaries of conversations and reading, lists of equipment, drawings of models, names and descriptions of resources used, your results and thoughts you have along the way.

Provided that the State Government may for sufficient reasons, from time to time by an order in writing, extend the said period in respect of any specified factory.

Keep your logbook with you whenever you are working on your project. Step 6 Show all calculations necessary to process the data, even the trivial calculations, where two numbers are simply added or subtracted.

Provided that the Chief Inspector may in any particular factory relax the provisions of this sub-rule to such extent as may be reasonable in the circumstances and may require measures to be adopted to secure the essential purpose of this sub-rule.

For example, schools, colleges and their residence halls, department stores, hospitals, museums, military bases, prisons, etc. Numbers can be rounded later during calculations, but numbers that were not recorded cannot be recovered without repeating the experiment in its entirety.

Canteen is called mess or refectory. Canteen is one of the most important constituents of factories act, As canteens require few employees, they are often found within a larger institution, catering to the clientele of that institution.A log book write up is essentially a record of all that happened during the project work, and could, for example, be the main source material from which material for a formal report would be selected.

May 22,  · The log book is more of a memo booklet that a SIWES students must be in possession of to easily record the daily experience and ha HOW TO FILL YOUR SIWES LOG BOOK.(A QUICK HINT FOR NIGERIAN INDUSTRIAL TRAINING STUDENTS) ~ Fruitty BlogAuthor: Fruitty Blog.

Lost a library book in the canteen write a notice Get the answers you need, now! 1. Log in Join now 1. Log in Join now Log in to add a comment Dear Students,I have lost a book in the canteen issued to my by our college library.

Request you all to pleas return the book whoever finds it. Please call me on XXXX for any information. The Purpose Of Daily Log Book It should be reminded that the daily log book is considered as a mobile library in which all kinds of information obtained during the training are stored.

Hence, it is very important that the book is kept in order for future reference during the preparation of the report. The filled-up log book is of student’s. Canteen – Essay Essay Sample. Canteen is a place where food is provided but there is little or no waiting staff table service.

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How to write a log book for a canteen
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