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He returns home, making sure that his own presence is not discovered by whoever put the boy there. The next morning, he discovers his parents are hosting late-night meetings with the parents of his playmates and one domineering visitor "from the North" who now sleeps in his room.

As he moves to pick up another rock, the camera pans to him, on the ground, searching around him in the dirt, where Michele finds another rock to throw.

Giuseppe Cristiano, who played the main character, had never appeared in a film before. Since its publication inthe novel sold nearlycopies and was published in over twenty languages. Ammaniti got the idea for the book during a road trip to Apulia in the late s.

One day, Michele goes to buy bread, to feed the boy.

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The primary set was in the countryside near Melfi. As Michele and his sister set off, she asks him where her glasses are, and he goes back to fetch them. Plot[ edit ] The action of the film takes place inin a fictional town called Acqua Traverse in Southern Italyduring the hottest summer of the century and the infamous Years of Lead.

Michele finds that the boy is actually alive, although he is very weak. Not to raise hopes, the filmmakers explained to the parents of the child actors that this was not a ticket to Hollywood.

There are many views of fields and hills of wheat, this endless land being the backyard for the children of Acqua Traverse and the setting to their childhood adventures. The story is also about the journey and loss of innocence of a young boy.

Until Michele told him that he is a guardian Im not scared character descriptions and comes visits him, he promise to visit again. But then one day Skull cajoles his peers into again visiting the farmhouse, where Michele discovers the hole empty and Filippo gone.

He brings him water and later food. He continues visiting Filippo Mattia di Pierro and one day he lets him out for some hours of play in the wheat fields together, and then he returns him back to the hole.

The film was shot in Basilicata and Apuliaregions of southern Italy where director Gabriele Salvatores spent his youth.

Terrified, Michele hurries home once more, but then his bicycle chain breaks and he is thrown off his bike. Michele sees it is his father and runs toward him across the cave just as his father fires his gun, shooting his own son in the leg.

Although many kidnappings were politically motivated, children of wealthy northern families were targeted as well. One night, Michele sees his parents watching on the television news that a child named Filippo belonging to the Carducci family has been kidnapped from Milan, and the boy in the pictures shown looks just like the boy in the hole.

He opens it and sees part of a bare human leg; horrified, due to the limited time he had to investigate the situation, he decides to keep this a secret from the others.

Startled, Michele is suddenly staring down at a zombie-like young boy stumbling out of the darkness and into view.

The film ends with a repentant Pino clutching his son and Michele reaching out to Filippo. He screams louder and louder, making Michele climb back up the rope quickly and return home. She reluctantly and hesitantly begins to take off her clothes, when Michele pipes up that he was the one to arrive last and he should be the one to pay.

As he returns home he is scolded for being late.

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The next day while playing with friends Michele thinks about the boy and later he decides to visit the zombie-like boy again. The next night, Michele overhears the adults discussing who will kill Filippo, and Michele sets out immediately to find Filippo — who is now in a "cave" — and save him.

As his punishment Michele walks the length of a beam, high up in a rickety old barn-like building at the deserted farmhouse, and after that the group is seen going home. At the time, it was alarmingly common to kidnap people from the North and transport them to the South, where they would be hidden and sometimes killed unless the ransom was paid.

His parents have contrasting reactions to his being apprehended. Release[ edit ] Two days after Io non ho paura appeared at the Berlin Film Festival in Februarythirty-two countries had purchased the film. The film used a strong primary color scheme to portray the way children see the world, focusing on specific objects of interest with a close-up.

It became such a problem that the Italian government decided to automatically freeze the assets of any families whose children had been kidnapped and contacted by people wanting a ransom to discourage this phenomenon. Michele quickly calms her worries about the glasses, and they continue running.

Michele promises to obey his father. According to Salvatores, the film is not primarily about kidnapping of the time but the mystery revolving around a kidnapping.

He overhears his parents and their friends talking about keeping the boy hidden. They are the last of the group to arrive at the farmhouse, which means that she and Michele must pay a forfeit.Ammaniti’s I’m Not Scared is a novel based on fear, cruelty and innocence.

The plot revolves around a young boy, Michele, who comes to the realisation that his fear should be directed at the men around him then the invisible beings he creates in his killarney10mile.coms: 2. No description by Jasmine Aiello on 5 August Tweet.

Report abuse. Transcript of I'm Not Scared. Character Map I'm Not Scared Michele Amitrano Filippo Carducci Felice Natale Salvatore Scardaccione Barbara Mura Skull (Antonio) Natale Friends Friends Tells Felice about Michele's secret, gets a driving lesson from him.

The novel "I'm Not Scared" explores the playful and interesting world of childhood through the eyes of a nine year old kid. In the hot, dry summer ofMichele, the main character, and his friends have nothing better to do than play new games and dares.

The characters in ‘I’m not scared’ are living, not thriving. They’re all weak in different ways and their strength is dying slowly. All of the characters have an individual battle with weakness.

I'm Not Scared (by Niccolo Ammaniti): Text Response

Many of the characters appear to be strong but are really just helpless beings, existing in a place where the strength comes from violence and.

I'm Not Scared (Italian: Io non ho paura) is a Italian crime mystery thriller film directed by Gabriele Salvatores. Francesa Marciano and Niccolò Ammaniti wrote the script, basing it on Niccolò Ammaniti 's successful Italian novel with the same name. List of I'm Not Scared characters, with pictures when available.

These characters from the movie I'm Not Scared are ordered by their prominence in the film, so the most recognizable roles are at the top of the list.

Im not scared character descriptions
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