Importance of having good friendship in

Essay on the Importance of Friendship

Please enter a valid email address Sign up Oops! Most of the research on friendship concerns children and adolescents, and only rarely do researchers seriously address friendships over the latter and majority of the lifespan.

The Importance of Friendships

Increase your sense of belonging and purpose Boost your happiness and reduce your stress Improve your self-confidence and self-worth Help you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one Encourage you to change or avoid unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as excessive drinking or lack of exercise Friends also play a significant role in promoting your overall health.

Who but your closest friends will tell you that your new outfit is ridiculously garish? Although online friends are qualitatively different than your in-person friends, they shape you nevertheless. Not only do you benefit from its many perks, but by being a good friend you are helping those closest to you.

Giving someone the gift of being influential can be one of the greatest joys you pass on to your friends. To take the most advantage of friendfluence, put effort into your closest friendships.

Importance of Friends

Friends and Well-Being A number of studies have highlighted the importance of friends and good relationships to health, Here are some of the findings: Extend and accept invitations.

Offer your time or talents at a hospital, place of worship, museum, community center, charitable group or other organization. Friendship is a beautiful bond by all means but while making friends, it is essential to keep in mind that one should always be aware so as to differentiate between true friends and false friends.

You might also like these other newsletters: Friends can also get you into trouble. Childhood friendships start your learning process. There are many perks of friendship include sharpening your mind, making you generally happier, knowing yourself better, becoming inspired to reach your goalsadvancing your careerhelping you meet romantic partners, and living a longer and healthier life.

Take the initiative rather than waiting for invitations to come your way, and keep trying. You all would have faced a lot of questions at each and every point of your life.

People tend to pick friends who are similar to them. Banding together with friends can help you effect social change.Good friends will have a positive influence on you.

Ecclesiastes says that “two are better than one,” and goes on to tell how life is much better when you have a friend.

I can’t even count the times over the years that I have sought to be a better person thanks to the example of trusted friends. Having a single good friend helps an individual to overcome all the hurdles in his or her lifetime.

On the other hand if an individual does not have a single good friend life automatically turns hard. Securing true friendship is extremely essential to become successful in all the areas of life.

On pages 26–27 of this month’s New Era, Elaine S. Dalton, Young Women general president, teaches the importance of seeking and being a good friend. “Seeking another person’s highest good is the essence of true friendship,” she says.

Friendship is considered to be a true blessing for everyone and a person with good friends will have a support system for sharing each and every moment of their life whether it is happy or sad.

Friends are an extremely important part of our life and everyone feels the need for a companion at some point or the other in their life. It's great to have a good circle of supportive friends. Friends play a huge role in your life.

The friends that you surround yourself with help build and shape you into the person you are, as you help shape them into the people they are. You endure all with your friends, from the good times to the bad times, to the craziest times of your life.

Friends also play a significant role in promoting your overall health. Adults with strong social support have a reduced risk of many significant health problems, including depression, high blood pressure and an unhealthy body mass index (BMI).

Importance of having good friendship in
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