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Can you see how it can help you leave work and be at home with the children, while also being in control of your finances? Use it to build momentum… The BP helps put your business into momentum.

Whilst you can do BPs online or via webinars, remember that the companies that are growing the fastest are the ones that bring people together and make them feel valued. We can have anything we want in life, so long as we are prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to get it.

If they are interested, the next step is the BP and I will simply say something like: You can also find it on the Discover Forever App. Watch a short introduction to discover an insight in to how you can get started with working with Jayne on your next venture.

It is not something that should be missed and FBOs who are serious about their business should be at a meeting every single week. What did you like best?

What are you waiting for?

But, this essential meeting has also been designed to inspire, motivate, uplift, reinforce belief and grow confidence in FBOs, whether they have been in the business two weeks or twenty years! Recognised as one of the great leaders and trainers, both within her company as well as the wider business world, at the core of Jayne achieving her own goals was helping others take their own journeys to success.

Use it to build community… The Business Presentation is like a community. Most people love talking about themselves so indulge them.

Presented with an opportunity in to look at an American-based health and nutrition company, whilst working as sheep farmer, Jayne had the belief that she could create the life of her dreams.

It is one hour of concentrated work but effectively the meeting recruits for you. Start the movement and invite other FBOs near you.

Refreshed. Renewed. Ready for Action. The New Business Presentation

The New Business Presentation Refreshed. It is community that creates momentum. We work our business from home and often by ourselves, and although you work under the brand of Forever, sometimes it can get a bit lonely. Build it into your process… The trainings, Success Express events and the weekly BP are all a part of the business-building process.

This new BP still has all the components of who we are and what we do, but it has a new energy about it, and it is something I am proud to present. Working with individuals, groups and organisations around the world Jayne has coached, mentored and inspired thousands of others to achieve the lives and lifestyles they have always wanted.

The journey that followed has been momentous and inspiring. Her extraordinary story has, over the past twenty years, seen her go from working on a farm to changing the lives of thousands of people thanks to her work ethic, vision and philosophy.


If you have a guest, the meeting needs you, your guest and your energy. Contact Jayne If you are serious about changing your lifestyle and mindset for the better, please get in-touch below.

A renowned public speaker, experienced business woman, published author, global business coach and philanthropist Jayne believes that we can all achieve greatness if we have the right mindset.

The BP is a weekly business meeting that gives your prospects an overview of the Forever opportunity, which makes it an excellent recruitment tool.Jayne Leach & John Curtis - QLS Group International. 25, likes · talking about this.

Specialising in helping people make 6 figure incomes globally. In this presentation Jayne Leach & John Curtis explained Why Forever Living Products is The Best Company & The Benefits of Forever Living Products' Business Opportunity. They gave a Detailed Presentation on.

home based business owners Supplying Products direct to the consumer Team Marketing. Business Presentation Group, one on one or online. Fun wHY? Pension Time New career path New car Travel John Curtis and Jayne Leach Surveyor and Farmer Dr Sylvia Chukwuemeka Medical Doctor GP Natalie Heeley Single Mum.

You hereby agree to allow Jayne Leach and her team to review and utilise the information that you have provided within the above form, to make contact with you within the foreseen future regarding the business opportunity of which is presented through the killarney10mile.com website.

business opportunity FOREVER The combined power of a network of home-based business owners Supplying products direct to the consumer. THE BENEFITS OF TEAM MARKETING John Curtis & Jayne Leach - Surveyor and Farmer Tracey & Chris Munro Hair, Beauty & Telecoms Chris & Alan Goldsbrough Jordan Carver Retail Corporate.

Diamond Manager Jayne Leach, along with other members of the UKGLT, was influential in the Business Presentation’s redevelopment and every slide has been carefully considered to ensure we are delivering the very best message to FBOs and prospects across the country.

Jayne leach business presentation
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