Nnaemeka s characteristics in marriage is a private affair

This was most unexpected and perplexed Nnaemeka. Therefore the author is being ironic by calling "marriage a private affair" as it is not an "affair" in the above context at all, and using the other sense of the word affair justified by the word private.

That night the old man did not eat. She is the only girl I can marry.

In his letter, the father informed Nnaemeka that the girl he had found for his son to marry is a good Christian and has received all the training necessary to make her a good wife. From whose point of view is each told? Nnaemeka asks forgiveness and then reveals that he does not love the woman his father has chosen for him—a fact that matters little to his father.

How would you compare the attitudes you have written down with the attitudes between generations in this story? Back home in his native village, Nnaemeka and his father talk.

Marriage Is a Private Affair Summary

His father merely walked away into his room. The clashes of values today are racial and culture differences. What do you think happened to the herbalist, and why would Achebe include that anecdote? Marriage is a formal bond between two people, who promise to love and have a relationship with each other to the exclusion of others.

Nnaemeka also reveals that he has found a woman Nene whom he loves and wants to marry. He explains that Nene is also a good Christian and that she is a schoolteacher. The next day he dismisses his son, although Nnaemeka is hopeful that his father The two conflicts in the story are he ff: The entire section is words.

An "affair" in this context is a relationship between two people by definition outside of wedlock, and is often the term applied when someone is breaking their marriage vows and having a relatioship with a third party i. But it did not. Nnaemeka, however, thinks it would be better to tell his father in person, especially since he has recently received a letter from his father informing him that the father has already chosen a bride for him, a woman in whom Nnaemeka has no interest.

Paul in his letter to the Corinthians says that women should keep silence. People have different views and beliefs and some of those go against other views and beliefs. Nnaemeka saw there was no hope along the present line of argument.

Marriage Is a Private Affair Questions and Answers

This was his pet subject, and he condemned vehemently those church leaders who encouraged women to teach in their schools.An Analysis of the Characters in Marriage is a Private Affair by Chinua Achebe PAGES 2.

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Wow. Most helpful essay resource ever! Start studying Short Story: "Marriage Is a Private Affair" by Chinua Achebe. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Marriage is fundamental,it’s a private affair, the author tries to show that marriage means different things in the different cultures also marriage and private are interchangeable it mean two or more people get into contract, whereas in some culture it also a unity establish between two or more people.

Chinua Achebe’s story “Marriage Is a Private Affair” opens with a discussion between a young woman named Nene and a young man named Nnaemeka, who live in Lagos, Nigeria; they are in love and.

Nnaemeka S Characteristics In Marriage Is A Private Affair “ MARRIAGE IS A PRIVATE AFFAIR ” by Chinua Achebe Cultural, gender, religious and racial peculiarities can either impede or enhance effective human communication and understanding.

Marriage Is A Private Affair By. Chinua Achebe. By Destiny R. And Anabella. Wife Of Nnaemeka Nnemeka: Son Of Okeke, NeNe's Husband In this story Nnaemaka's father did not respect Nnaemaka's decision about his marriage even though Nnaemaka was in love.

By making this choice he put a huge toll between and his son.

Nnaemeka s characteristics in marriage is a private affair
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