Samsung strategic hierarchy

There is a vertical line of authority with direct supervision over Samsung strategic hierarchy and authority lying in the hands of the peak i.

Professional and innovative types are an outcome of decentralized architecture and organizational structure. The authority is inherent in the hands of the leaders and top of the managers with the responsibility lying over their competent shoulders.

All these key elements when coordinated and combined into a single thread of control governs Samsung strategic hierarchy present and future of the organizational success. They actively promote a flexible organizational culture that allows employees to pursue a healthy work-life balance, in a dynamic, creative and challenging work environment that is not risk-averse.

The organizational flow is from the chairman Lee filtering down to the office of secretaries and then down the hierarchy with affiliate leaders. But critical care must be taken for satisfaction of every stakeholder associated with the organization. Samsung is quite efficient is system resource approach for effectiveness as it guarantees good quality of material at premium costs.

The marketing success and development lies to a great extent over the response from the customers. The CEO Mintzberg, Samsung electronics is spread across 80 countries and decisions if taken by just top management residing at the headquarters may lead to differences in execution.

The degree of standardization is known as formalization. This effectiveness approach focuses its roots in means or the process of operation rather than the ends or result and products of the operation.

The functional departmentalization of Samsung Electronics is done into four key areas of digital marketing, telecommunications, home appliances and semiconductors. The structure must become a bit less tightened up and must open the doors for intellectual talent pool to be able to innovate and provide services for the organization.

They excel in pioneering the market by accelerating the technological productivity. Even though Samsung has a geographically dispersed structure yet, the division of power and decision making abilities lies in the hand of top management team or more specifically the chairman.

One man decision making structure. There is no basic standardization to incorporate changes in the marketing environment. Professional type showcases a high degree of competent driving the knowledge engine and fueling the talent pool by being able to make strategic decisions in their prevalent specialized skills by showcasing their autonomous working techniques.

The competition of the executives are against one another rather than behavior of cooperating and group work. The trust based relation and the loyalty for the chairman is the key quality for selection. Samsung is directed by the the Chairman and is lead by the family holding major part of the shares.

In this centralized structure all decisions are critical and significant acting as a decisive factor for the company. The effectiveness cannot be measured solely based on the goal approach as there may be multiple conflicting goals.

The span of control is the number of employees functioning under a single manager. It is the catalyst for organizational success stories and developing brand image. But, it is seen that these structures may lead to duplicate managerial roles in each product line.

This South Korean electronics multinational paved its path as a subsidiary of Samsung group from Decisions from the top management are filtered down the control line to be followed by the executives and employees and to return the final product in the market.

This structure is the best suited of the organization as it segregates the skills and expertise and give an ability to best harness and exploit the expertise Porta, Case Analysis Strategic Management Samsung [download to view full presentation] ASSIGNMENT of SAMSUNG.

Background of Samsung Corp. Samsung Group Structure. SAMSUNG COMPANY ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. CEO -The responsibilities of an organization's CEO or MD are set by the organization's board of director or/5(9).

Get the Galaxy you love. Now yours with Samsung financing. The goal of the study is to have an in-depth analysis into the organizational structure, its relevance, importance, and its impact over the culture, brand value, sales, and success of the organization.

This report will take into consideration various arenas of organizational structure of Samsung /5(14K). Samsung is a diverse business with chips, displays, and other technology.

This pays dividends, allowing it to compete on price and increasingly, offer features Apple hasn't gotten to.

Samsung Organizational Structure

Although. Samsung Group Report contains a full analysis of Samsung organizational structure. The report illustrates the application of the major analytical strategic frameworks in business studies such as SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain analysis and McKinsey 7S Model on Samsung.

Samsung Organizational Structure Introduction Samsung India Electronics Ltd is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Corporation headquartered in Seoul, Korea.

Samsung strategic hierarchy
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