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He accepts this, stating that he will find out anyway, and forces her to hide that he is her husband. Forman were the subjects of an adultery scandal in in England. Climbing the scaffold, he admits his guilt but cannot find the courage to do so publicly. She convinces Dimmesdale to leave Boston in secret on a ship to Europe where they can start life anew.

The story of King David and Bathsheba is depicted in the tapestry in Mr. It now represented, to some, able. Because the society excludes her, she considers the possibility that many of the traditions held up by the Puritan culture are untrue and are not designed to bring her happiness.

She lives a quiet, somber life with her daughter, Pearl, and performs acts of charity for the poor. She still sees her sin, but begins to look on it differently than the villagers ever have.

However, others perceived the letter to be a symbol for angel. Renewed by this plan, the minister seems to gain new energy.

This fictitious document being the germ of the story that Hawthorne writes, as follows.

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Sir Thomas Overbury and Dr. He and Hester have an open conversation regarding their marriage and the fact that they were both in the wrong. Hester was rejected by the villagers even though she spent her life doing what she could to help the sick and the poor.

Tormented by his guilty conscience, Dimmesdale goes to the square where Hester was punished years earlier. Her lover, however, is another matter and he demands to know who it is; Hester refuses to divulge such information.

Forman was charged with trying to poison his adulterous wife and her lover. When demanded and cajoled to name the father of her child, Hester refuses. On Election Day, Dimmesdale gives what is called one of his most inspired sermons. Her thinking is free from religious bounds and she has established her own different moral standards and beliefs.

The outward man reflects the condition of the heart; an observation thought inspired by the deterioration of Edgar Allan Poewhom Hawthorne "much admired".

To Reverend Dimmesdale the meteor is a sign from God who is revealing his sin to everyone and causes him to be ridden with guilt. She is required to wear a scarlet "A" on her dress when she is in front of the townspeople to shame her.

As a result, she retreats into her own mind and her own thinking. The letter "A" stands for adulteress, although this is never said explicitly in the novel. Fields persuaded Hawthorne to publish The Scarlet Letter alone along with the earlier-completed "Custom House" essay but he had nothing to do with the length of the story.

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At the beginning, it is first viewed as natures way of offering beauty to those who leave and enter the prison as well with a glimmer of hope to those who inhabit it.

As she grows older, Pearl becomes capricious and unruly. It was the last Salem home where the Hawthorne family lived. John Winthrop —second governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

It symbolizes shame, revelation of sin, and guilt for it is where Hester received her scarlet letter as punishment and where Dimmesdale experience his revelation through the meteor. Her conduct starts rumours, and, not surprisingly, the church members suggest Pearl be taken away from Hester.

In the s she was excommunicated by the Puritans and exiled from Boston and moved to Rhode Island.

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After she returns to her prison cell, the jailer brings in Roger Chillingworth, a physician, to calm Hester and her child with his roots and herbs.Nov 29,  · This Site Might Help You.

RE: What is the MLA citation for the Scarlet Letter?Status: Resolved. Chicago requires the use of footnotes, rather than parenthetical citations, in conjunction with a list of works cited when dealing with literature. 1 SparkNotes Editors. “SparkNote on The Scarlet Letter.”. Chicago requires the use of footnotes, rather than parenthetical citations, in conjunction with a list of works cited when dealing with literature.

1. Works Cited "A review of 'The Scarlet Letter: A Romance." The Athenaeum. (15 June ): Rpt. in Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism.


The Scarlet Letter: A Romance, an novel, is a work of historical fiction written by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

It is considered his "masterwork". Set in 17th-century Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony, during the years toit tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an affair and struggles to Genre: Romantic, Historical.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Scarlet killarney10mile.comntville, NY: Reader's Digest Association, Print. How Did It Really Happen? Pleasantville, NY: Digest,

The scarlet letter with work cited pages
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