Through a window comparison of chimpanzees

Stark characters--Flo, the benign mother; Gigi, the chimp equivalent of Helen of Troy; Jomeo, the gentle giant; Gilka, whose life was a ""tale of infinite sadness""--flourish and fade within a dramatic web of war, cannibalism, compassion, courage, and enough sex to put a rabbit warren to shame.

It is this sophistication of chimpanzee society that Goodall believes places a heavy moral burden on humans.


There is a shorter summary at the end which discusses the intervening years with updates on the inhabitants of the reserve. As with humans, chimpanzee personalities and society are far more intricate than the sum of their biological raw material.

But it is a love for beings who are essentially wild and free. There was a problem adding your email address. I have to agree with other reviews that I have read that say this book reads more like a novel as it, indeed, provides a window to the reader on a fascinating and complex society.

Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe

Overall, I really really enjoyed reading this! The contrast between these primates in their natural communities and others in man-made prisons could not be more stark. A social hierarchy that demonstrates how similar we humans are to the chimpanzee with everything from nurture to jealousy to power, cooperation, striving for status within the community, finding the best mates, and, yes, brutal violence and genocide.

The stories of the chimpanzees that form the core of this book read more like sociology than biology.

Thrilling, affectionate, intelligent--a classic. I read In the Shadow of Man a number of years ago, but I loved revisiting the same chimps and their offspring, and following them later in the their lives!

Their personalities and habits are wonderfully told. Her conviction allows her to present her research as a set of compelling stories, recounting the rise and fall of successive generations of chimps with the same punch a biographer might bring to a family chronicle.

Goodall obviously loves her chimps, weeping at their death, shuddering at their threatened extinction, delivering an impassioned attack upon their ""imprisonment"" by zoos and laboratories. There are a number of photos of the chimps included, as well.

Some chapters focus on specific behaviors: Goodall takes us into this world as a keen observer and we come to know and care about the lives and welfare of these families of chimps while we cannot help but see how many of their traits - both good and bad - that we share.

Altruism, murder, war, affection, ambition, depression, kindness, anger—the chimpanzees exhibit all these behaviors and more. It is primarily a chronicle of the first thirty years of the work observing chimpanzee behavior at the Gombe reserve on the shore of Lake Tanganyika.

Goodall presents a variety of approaches in order to illustrate the breadth of chimp personality and society. Extrapolating from chimp behavior, she draws some strong conclusions for her own family life and for human society in general, above all the ""immeasurable importance to a child of good mothering [and] the utter joy and contentment which that relationship can bring to the mother.Check Out Our Comparison of the Three Chimpanzees Essay The relationship between apes and human holds a unique fascination since time in memorial.

Comparative anatomy conducted in the mids on apes and humans, through extensive dissections concluded without a doubt that a close relationship existed between humans and chimpanzees. Through a Window contains sometimes grim descriptions of chimpanzees afflicted with a variety of diseases.

Analysis of the data over the years shows that disease is the main cause of death for chimpanzees at Gombe and elsewhere/5(72). In the essay "Selections from Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe," Jane Goodall explains her studies of the chimpanzees and their human-like qualities.

The scientific community does not believe that chimpanzees are like humans in any way. Absolutely smashing account by famed ethologist Goodall (The Chimpanzees of Gombe, ) of three decades spent observing chimps on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Through a Window: Comparison of Chimpanzees to Humans Jane Goodall’s book, Through a Window: My Thirty Years With The Chimpanzees of Gombe, did fantastic work in comparing chimpanzees to humans. There are more similarities than differences when it comes to chimpanzee’s social behavior, intellectual ability and even the emotional.

Through this book, I realized that chimpanzees and human DNA differs by 1%. They have similar cognitive abilities, emotions as humans. What differs is we have a verbal communication skill set and more sophisticated brain.

Through a window comparison of chimpanzees
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