Toward an urban sociology of mega events

Communities and Urban Transformation: But will there be a legacy? Urban fabrication and the re-making of the Olympic Park: It questions what the global shift in geographical location of mega-events means for sports development and the business of sport, what the attractions are for cities seeking to harness the hosting of a mega-event, and whether there may be longer term consequences for the bidding and hosting major sporting events in the wake of the widespread social unrest that accompanied the preparations in Brazil for hosting the FIFA World Cup and the summer Olympics and in Turkey, where there was significant opposition to bid for the summer Olympiad.

Eplan and Randal Roark; Mega-events in the South: Subjects Description Mega-events represent an important moment in the life of a city, providing a useful lens through which we may analyse their cultural, social, political and economic development. His previous publications include London after Recessionco-edited with A.

London proposed an ambitious programme of urban renewal for East London. Belem and Lamartine P. It also focuses upon the challenges and opportunities facing future host cities of mega-events, looking at their aspirations and the intended impact upon their domestic and international development.

And, if so, who will be its beneficiaries, and who will lose out? I strongly commend it. These are now vital issues and this book, for which Gavin Poynter and Valerie Viehoff have assembled a formidable team, provides a valuable and multifaceted discussion of them. Urbanalisation and city mega-events: Olympic Games legacies in Munich and London, Valerie Viehoff; Sport mega-events as catalysts for sustainable urban development: Sustainability and mega-event legacy, Ozlem Edizel and Ralph Ward; Creating sustainable urban legacies?

De Oliveira, Celi Nelza Z. Space, Planning and Place-Making: Brimicombe; The economic power of the Olympic brand and the legacy of LondonAlvaro de Miranda. Part I Urbanism and Legacy in the 21st Century: Bringing together scholars, practitioners and policy makers, this book focuses upon the legacies sought by cities that host major sports events.The larger the ber of edia exposure, t and th event, the more event THE CONCEPT OF MECA-EVENT IN URBAN PERSPECTIVE When a special event is a short-term, one-trme, high proiile event hosted oy a crty, it rs referred to as a mega-event.

Toward an urban sociology of mega-events The main olympic site is now called monrreal olymprc SCHOOL UFRGS. Toward an urban sociology of mega-events.

Security and Surveillance in the Athens 2004 Olympics

Research in Urban Sociology, 5, Toward an Urban Soc,ology of Mega-Events defined as systems, the infrastructural requirements of mega-events produce effects on the urban region that potentially alter or rearrange existing patterns. Toward an urban sociology of mega-events.

Research in Urban Sociology, 5, Google Scholar: International Olympic Committee. (, March 11).

Mega-event Cities: Urban Legacies of Global Sports Events

Global broadcast revenue. Security and Surveillance in the Athens Olympics: Some Lessons From a Troubled Story Minas Samatas University of Crete, Rethymnon, Greece. “staged cities” in order to highlight the tension between the mega-event as a means of constructing an image of “development” and the actively concealed landscapes of .

Toward an urban sociology of mega events
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