Why kayerts killed himself an outpost

Run to the house! He ran fast enough to keep out of sight of the other man. And suddenly it seemed to Kayerts that he had never seen that man before. They live in straw huts without basic nutrition.

Kayerts mooned about silently; spent hours looking at the portrait of his Melie. The bell never rang now. He came up with long strides of his skeleton legs, swinging a staff as tall as himself, and, entering the common room of the station, would squat on his heels to the left of the door.

This perceived superiority ran very deep. All at once he looked dangerously in earnest. Carlier and Kayerts are living in colonial times. But before he had fairly stood upright, a commonsense reflection occurred to him and drove him back into despair. I am chief here, and my orders are that you should not expose yourself to the sun!

Gobila is another native. He argued with himself about all things under heaven with that kind of wrong-headed lucidity which may be observed in some lunatics.

Makola and the group of men is loud and animated. That morning nobody came. He was evidently a much ill-used man. They dared not stroll far away from the station to shoot. Moreover, there was no game in the impenetrable forest. Incidentally he reflected that the fellow dead there had been a noxious beast anyway; that men died every day in thousands; perhaps in hundreds of thousands--who could tell?

Together they did nothing, absolutely nothing, and enjoyed the sense of the idleness for which they were paid. She rattled away shrilly, pointing here and there at the forests and at the river.

Kayerts has taken this position in order to provide a dowry for his daughter who is being brought up by his sisters. The steamer simply abandons the men, even though those on board can already see they will not survive. He had plumbed in one short afternoon the depths of horror and despair, and now found repose in the conviction that life had no more secrets for him: They are armed and begin making demands.

What a fellow has got to put up with in this dog of a country! Carlier and Kayerts are angry, believing the men have just run away. Their leader, a powerful and determined-looking negro with bloodshot eyes, stood in front of the verandah and made a long speech.

The other two were the bedrooms for the white men. The interchange between Mrs. Each had a bedstead and a mosquito net for all furniture. The trader they are replacing died of an illness and is buried near a cross. Every evening they said, "To-morrow we shall see the steamer.

An Outpost of Progress

Fetch the sugar--you pot-bellied ass. One has the impression that had Conrad lived long enough, he would have developed into a man who despised racism.

Kayerts had been in the Administration of the Telegraphs, and knew how to express himself correctly. His old thoughts, convictions, likes and dislikes, things he respected and things he abhorred, appeared in their true light at last! But in the end, although Conrad was a man on the forefront of his times, he was still caught by the ankles in his own cultural mire.

He waited for his fate. Society was calling to its accomplished child to come, to be taken care of, to be instructed, to be judged, to be condemned; it called him to return to that rubbish heap from which he had wandered away, so that justice could be done.

Then many more shrieks, rapid and piercing, like the yells of some exasperated and ruthless creature, rent the air.

Outpost of Progress Summary & Study Guide

And then, chaps will read that two good fellows, Kayerts and Carlier, were the first civilized men to live in this very spot!An Outpost of Progress. I. There were two white men in charge of the trading station. Kayerts, the chief, was short and fat; Carlier, the assistant, was tall, with a large head and a very broad trunk perched upon a long pair of thin legs.

Give reasons why Kayerts killed himself and prove them with the text. There are several reasons why Kayerts hangs himself at the end of the story.

Previously, he shoots Carlier accidentally after they have been arguing about the sugar. Seite 1 An Outpost of Progress by Joseph Conrad Content The short story “An Outpost of Progress” is set on an outpost in Congo.

On this outpost two new agents arrive, Kayerts and Carlier.

An Outpost Of Progress Summary

Keywords: an outpost of progress themes, an outpost of progress conrad Joseph Conrad whose original name was Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski, born in Berdichev, Poland (currently Ukraine) on the 3 December, to a writer and a translator, Apollo Korzeniowski, who encouraged him to read widely in Polish and.

Kayerts could have killed himself because he feels alone, which becomes most obvious on page 34, ll. His only ‘friend’ he could talk to is dead.

Outpost of Progress Summary

Moreover, he shot an unarmed partner and could be afraid of being arrested. The short story “An Outpost of Progress,” by Polish-British novelist Joseph Conrad, originally appeared in a periodical in and was subsequently included in his collection of stories Tales of Unrest in

Why kayerts killed himself an outpost
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