Why pornography shouldnt be banned

The belief that there is a direct link between one kind of media representation — pornography — and the level of violence against women can obliterate analyses of other sources of female oppression. The paradigm in which he is placing pornography is undeniably influenced by his personal view of the world.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is not good enough. In ancient times, pornography consisted of sexal images etched onto tablets or, later, painted or drawn onto cards or other mediums. I await the reply of a challenger with anticipation!

Both contain disgusting and perhaps violent imagery, yet we accept homicide novels and CSI with little reservation. First I will clarify the moot: Sexist images We are also reacting against the flood of sexist imagery that confronts us everywhere — every billboard, outside every newsagency, in every TV commercial and every soap opera.

Should the opportunity present itself I hope you will take the time to counter many of his criticisms with these: You mind find them based in other nations, but not the US. Instead, they point the finger of blame at parents, accusing them of failing in their duty to protect their childen, and instituting a moral panic.

Age is not an issue for much of this material; for example, Porno Tube, one of the pornographic spinoffs of YouTube, demands under law that users provide their date of birth as "proof" that they are over the age of I doubt it Thirdly, does this make porn more harmful than homicide novels or CSI?

The statistical evidence linking rape and pornography is less than clear; feminist authors and researchers such as Lynne Segal have spent a lot of time documenting this and warn that all research must be treated with caution.

Degrade is a purely subjective term advanced by my opponent to describe his "world view" Secondly, have you ever considered the fact that there may be gay pornography viewed by both men and women alike? These only occupy an extremely small niche in the porn industry. More recently, in preparation for a panel discussion with, among others, Katie Price on whether the world needed Page 3, young men once again showed me how porn colours their view of women.

That pornography should be banned.

The prevalence of cumshots is enough to drive that point home, however behind the scenes, the female porn stars have far more control over who they sleep with than the male ones. So pornography, which literally means "writing about prostitutes" was allowed only to a narrow elite. It also must be willing to tackle issues of class and race and to deal with the variety of oppressions in the world, not to reduce all oppressions to pornography.

Should pornography be banned?

Watching pornography does have real consequences for young people. We need an analysis of violence that empowers women and protects them.

We can't ban pornography – but we do need to stop children accessing it

But when it comes to the practical business of drafting censorship laws, anti-feminist conservatives and anti-pornography feminists end up agreeing that pornography is sexually explicit material which is assumed to degrade women.

Thus, this form of censorship is logically impossible to put through. It is not unusual for such legislation to be used far more broadly than originally intended.

Sex slavery is done solely for prostitution which has a much more favorable return on investment. Ignorance can never make us safer.

Ruth Wallsgrove of the British feminist magazine Spare Rib was right in when she said: Susan Brownmiller thinks that it is "the undiluted essence of anti-female propaganda".

My first argument concerns the nature of modern pornography. To ban pornography in the manner my opponent advocated would be to curtail the freedom of speech and curb our civil liberties. They are legally required to make their audience SAY that they are over 18, but they are not required to care who actually watches the material.

Does it mean that anything vaguely resembling a phallic symbol i. However unlikely the scenarios, all women in the world of porn exist because they are pussy potential.

Such laws are themselves problematic in that they do not distinguish between oppressor and oppressed, and are often used against the latter.Should pornography be banned? August 5, Issue. By Pip Hinman.

It's almost received wisdom within some sections of the women's movement that to be a feminist is to support censorship of pornography. But a growing number of feminists are concerned about anti-pornography campaigns. "I believe we should not agitate for more laws.

Why We Should Not Ban Pornography Thinus Oosthuizen (“Freedom of speech vs destructive pornography”, Brief Points, July 14) questions whether freedom of speech applies to “irresponsible views” and lambasts the Argus for having “slipped up on your responsibility to prevent the promotion of the destructive evil of pornography” – as.

We should be shocked by the scale of the problem before us and galvanised into action. This is not about banning pornography, but protecting children from. Why Pornography Should Not Be Banned It seems to me there are two ways of defending pornography.

The first is pornography does not harm anyone, and so it should not be banned. NO, it should not be. I have debated a lot on this issue, both in favor and against.

Arguments why pornography should not be banned are: Sexism and violence is existing in patriarchal frameworks of our real world. Pornography, in fact, is perhaps the only platform where the revealing of women’s.

Why Pornography Should Not Be Banned It seems to me there are two ways of defending pornography. The first is pornography does not harm anyone, and so it.

Why pornography shouldnt be banned
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